If you don't log in within 1o days. your res will be gone bug.

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  1. My friend, Min_Rei has not been seen for 10 days in Empire Minecraft and when i went to his residence, everything was still there. When i told him that, he freaked out and thought this was a glitch, so he asked me to post this thread. Can someone please tell me what's wrong with this and why does it not work, not that I want to steal from him, just curious.
  2. From what I understand, you become "derelict" after 10 days. Removal of the residence is not immediately done the second it's been exactly 864000 seconds since you last logged in, but I'm guessing you're placed in some kind of queue for that.
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  3. Yes you get put on the derelict list. Your res isn't removed right away, except for if someone requests the said lot. Otherwise it waits until more open lots are needed and clears a bunch of the derelict ones.
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  4. That is unfortunate. I don't want to lose my lot.
  5. logging into any emc server will reset the 10 day counter, so if smp1-9 are too full to get on during your waking hours, simply log into utopia instead and youll be fine
  6. I do not want to lose my biosphere.
  7. yeah that would be bad :p
  8. Just PM a senior staff or admin and ask them to reset his residence, also you can ask from anyone that has not been for 10 days or more, i had to ask for a dude that was on the res behind mine and a senior staff opened the res for my friend :)
  9. Justin, you might want to change the "message Jeremy" link to start a conversation with Icecreamcow instead of GameKribJEREMY.
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