If you could...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SillyWhiteMage, May 26, 2012.

  1. If you could have custom forum titles instead of just the members and supporters. What would you want yours to be?
  2. the cat lovers
  3. Death the Kid
  4. The slightly challenged person.
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  5. Awesome person.
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  6. Mr. Gentleman
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  7. Off Topic Wizard
  8. If this did end up doing this for members maybe at a certain post/like level. I'd probably be forced to have SKYNET or Evil AI.
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  9. Space Shuttler or Void Walker.
  10. A lot of other forums do that :p
  11. I'm sure someday we'll have more forum stuff like custom titles, and a chat box.
  12. If by chat box you mean a chat client, then I am sure meebo would suffice. Although it does have ads....
  13. I think she means like a shoutbox on the side of the site.
  14. A lot of forum software has chatrooms. they normally are on the front page or in it own page.