If you could change the world?

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Dos dis distractz u

Mehyba 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Nup nup nupe 7 vote(s) 63.6%
  1. If you could change the world. Huge histoy moments, invent somehing, give everyone is 1537 the technology we have today. Would you turn everyone into your slaves, or make a huge bridge to pluto for no apparent reason.
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  2. Ermac. 'Nuff Said.
  3. Have everyone play emc
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  4. I'd go back and destroy central banks, then make them illegal forever!
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  5. Joke or not, that is not appropriate and against the rules of the site.
  6. So being honest is forbidden... got it
  7. No, being honest isn't forbidden. But we don't want to put the idea of something as illegal and stupid as that, into people heads. The world is a messed up enough place as it is.
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  8. No, making inappropriate posts is forbidden. Please do not make posts suggesting or related to the intent to harm others.
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  9. Well... i'd stop waiting for a man in a big blue box to come and take me away on his adventures in time and space, by making him real :D

    I'd also fix the economy in every country, make communists illegal, and also give the U.K a space program and make deadly force authorized in life-threatening or harmful conditions.
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  10. I'd stop columbus from discovering the "New World"
  11. I'd make sure no one had the ability to change the world.
  12. Stop the atomic bomb.
  13. Why?
  14. I could make the religion give back the 1000 years I took from science.
  15. By that I also mean stop WWII.
    It would have saved millions of lives and if we stopped the atomic bomb the Cuban Missile Crisis never would have happened and such.
  16. Ok, sounds good. I was thinking that you just meant the bombs, and was going to mention that we would have been much worse off without them. And I agree, nuclear weapons would be better not in existence.
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  17. The vote at the top doesn't distract me as much as dat spelling doh >.<
  18. Colombus wasn't the first.
  19. Yes, granted the vikings did come over here. However they went back home and thought nothing of it. Columbus however found it under Spain, everyone heard about it and voila everyone wanted to come.