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  1. This picture should be shown to 98.99% of all teenage guys.

    There was one kid who went to my school last year, I would make him stare at this until he learned what a real gangster is.
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  2. So basically cowardice in numbers. They seem pretty same to me today.
  3. Not those kids who walk around with their pants around their knees, big fake chains around their necks, caps turned south and a boombox on their shoulder? (Sometimes I get stuck in the 90's)
  4. Id like to also put in. Sagging pants origianly came from prison. People would sag if they wanted... a 'realtionship' if ya know what i mean :eek:
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  5. The dropping of the soap, if you know what I mean ;)
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  6. My generation sucks :( the music sucks cause its all auto-tuned and the lyrics just repeat, people depend on the internet to be socialized, our generation (Z) is considered ".com" (correct me if I'm wrong) since everything is tech, and our style today is mostly wannabe "gangsters" sagging their pants until their boxers/underwear are showing and acting like they're like all "g". I say Generation X was the best!
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  7. You don't even want to know what the girls wear at my school.
  8. They sag their pants actually because they didn't have belts so their pants would just sag.
  9. They sag their pants because they didn't have enough booty, ie. le junk in the trunk, to fill them.
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  10. No, Incorrect. They had eladtic in their pants. They sagged puposuly.
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