If You Are A Good Or Creative Builder, READ THIS!

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  1. The job goes to kieronp1999

    I will be in touch kieronp1999
  2. do we do this on creative mode??? or on our res???
  3. Creative
  4. i'll just direct you to my mc res, and we can take it from there... SMP2 3153
  5. so i made a square building but it doesnt look like a square anymore can i enter?
  6. as long as it is just a plain old big block of wood planks!
  7. Im sorry but you have to do what it says you must take pictures, upload then put in a link!
  8. well im no 'jumping' through the hoops on this for only 500r, if you want to visit my res feel free to do so but i have other projects on right now anyway.
  9. 2012-04-10_19.40.57.png 2012-04-10_19.41.08.png

    I dont think i can enter with this right ? :rolleyes:
  10. well I will see but i would really like you to post these two pictures!
    Picture 1: A block made out of wooden planks!
    Picture 2: Then you decorate that big block and take a picture!

    At the moment you probboly wont get the job because i dont need good builders, just good decoraters! But however this is about the right standard for a good 3000r but if you want that you must post the 2 pictures ive asked for and at the bottom type if you want the materials or if you will do it for free!

  11. if you dont want good builders dont make a thread titled,
    "If You Are A Good Or Creative Builder, READ THIS!"
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  12. I do want good builders but i want to see their decorating skills by doing what i said!

    You will not be getting this job!
  13. Your payment for those who don't bring their own materials's almost seems like a scam. Sure, it means you have to pay for them, but if you want it built, you sometimes have to help out.
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  14. Well to decorate a block of wood for 500r aint bad!
  15. Any sort of build project id be expecting in excess of 10k ..
    I couldnt even entend my real life home with 10k.
  16. Step 1: Big Block of Wood.

    Step 2: Decorate Big Block of Wood.

    This was originaly built on SMP2 - 3107. But has since been dismantled after the screenshots were taken.
    This took me alot of time, i hope for a good rating.

  17. I fixed it :)