If you are a Diamond or Gold supporter, What do you use your extra res' For?

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  1. So Yeh? If you are a Diamond or Gold supporter, What do you use your extra res' For? I am considering Becoming gold but am not sure what I will use that extra res for! I don't want it to waste :/ I already have a house and a farm! Plus I don't want a shop! Any Ideas?
  2. Do what us Moderators do.
    Build a new house and move your farm to be the entirety of your lot on one server.

    Or make like, something really awe-inspiring.
  3. Well. I have a friend that lets me use his lot for farming. So the whole lot is taken up. I was thinking about renting out places and homes, but I've done that before and I didn't make any money :/
  4. It's not all about money, do it for aesthetics. Or make some stupidly large redstone contraption to open a door... Something inane like that.

    But I have 3 lots, and I still haven't been able to get enough space for all my building needs. :p
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  5. I know its not about money but, I want a lot where people will come and i can help them find what they are looking for! I don't just want a lot that's sitting there doing nothing :/ I want like a business! Like a small town that people come to, but it is hard to do that by yourself for me, let a lone do that!
  6. make it completely bigger ^^ house on 1 res and farm on other =D
  7. Make a holiday house on another server, then when you want a change of scenery you can go on holidays.
  8. make a base with a security system, or a city underneath it
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  9. I built one huge building, but now i'm building another. With two adjacent lots, you can kind of make them connect or match. And farms and shops can be built underground, if you want extra space!
  10. sweet! i also saw your house
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  11. Hers an idea, Make a huge steampunk style factory to produce goods and supply them to the various shops. This way the shops stay in stock and make money, and then they pay you for supplying them with the goods.
    P.S. who knows what steampunk is? ;)
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  12. Make a nightclub, where there are hangouts, spleef betting, slots, betting games, ect. Think this would be cool, as I haven't seen any good nightclubs at ALL. Plus, you could sell memberships, slot uses, keep a small portion of bets, ect.
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  13. Make a town and get a friend to help you get buisness! Like Me, remember when you got me HEAPZ of buisness, we could do the same for your town, BTW, Im your friend, I could helkp you build your town :D
  14. I use my extra res for my company HQ.
  15. What is your company??
  16. Make a Super Cobblegen
    like a 11x13x56
  17. Hydro Inc. founded the day my first store opened. Of course it was on my residence at that time.....
  18. So. What does your company do???
  19. Do they do stuff about water?
    Hydro? :)
  20. No we sell stuff and sometimes build farms. I can see where you could get mixed up. Hydro is the last part of my user so I just used that. We do travel by boats a lot.