If I find a mob grinder in the wild can I use it

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  1. I found one in the wild there's no one around can I use it
  2. I believe that you can, but if there are signs around saying who's it is (locked chests, etc) you should check with them.
  3. Yea I agree, I don't see any harm in using it while they are not there. If there on ill go away
  4. As long as it is the same as it was when you found it. If it is broken then don't fix it as if you don't fix it how the owner wants it fixed you could have concequences.
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  5. You may use it, yes. But the #1 rule is not to grief it. If you see the locked chests, PM the person who uses it and get permission. Do NOT alter anything they have made.
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  6. I am not planning on altering or greifing

    Yes I will pm them if I find a locked chest

    If they are haring it ill go away
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  7. You can use it. But dont grief in anyway. :p
  8. Discovering / using another player's mob grinder or farm
    Upon finding a player's grinder or farm it is polite to ask the owner permission to use it. Look for a locked chest or anything with a name and proceed to PM the person on the forums or if they are online, in game. If you can't find a locked chest, leave a sign with your full in-game name so they can get into contact with you.

    Modifying it in any way can earn you a ban if the owner disproves. This includes and is not limited to placing a chest to store your stuff and changing the way the grinder works - even if you think it’ll make it better - and/or changing the structure in any way, shape or form.

    It is okay to use any grinder you find in the wild as it is public domain, but again it is considered polite to ask the creator. Upon using the grinder - if consent is given or not - if the creator wishes to use the grinder you - the visitor - must allow them to do so.
  9. As most of the community has already stated, yes you may use it. The Staff's official statement is this:

    "Grinders found in the wild may be used, but not modified or griefed in any way. If the creator/owner of the grinder is online and wants to use their grinder, they have priority access and you must allow them to do so. However, if they are not around, then you may use the grinder for your benefit, though it's always nice to ask for permission. In addition, do not sell the location of grinders that do not belong to you. It is against the rules of the empire and may result in a banning depending on the situation."
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