If each Server were it's own Country.

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  1. I posed this question earlier today to the many players of SMP9 and the discussion didn't lead to far since it was only among st one server. So I thought I'd make a thread here and ask the community as a whole.

    Each server is it's own country with its own resources, currencies and trades. When we look at trades across the countries(servers) what are the Primary items these countries are Exporting and Importing? What do you believe the Primary Import and Export of your country is?

    Some questions you can ask yourself to help decide what the Primary import/export is:
    What farms are most common?
    What major structures (i.e mob grinders) do we offer?
    What biomes do we hold the most of?
    What resources do we have an abundance of?

    This could be a pretty good discussion.
  2. Each server is kind of like thier own country. I don't cross severs that much except for events, and malls.
  3. In real life, communities do not have controlled exports. They are limited by their resources, so there is no need to control it if communities have the same virtually unlimited resources.

    However, there are already some economic differences in servers. That being in shop activity And wild activity
  4. SMP9 is a Egyptian kingdom full of pyramids. That is what it is as a nation.
    SMP1 is a financial centre.
    SMP6 is a warzone.
    SMP5 is another warzone.

  5. Maybe smp4 could be North Korea, with all their threatening to annihilate everyone else with Nukes (aka Carl the sheep) or whatever the SMP War was about :p
  6. Kim-jong Carl.
    Seems like a good idea.
  7. SMP8 isn't a country. It's an insane asylum...
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  8. We are crazy on smp8