If anyone wants a good laugh, go read the responses to the Weekly Snapshot..xD

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  1. http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/491-mojang-needs-your-input-the-new-multiplayer-format/
    So I was reading some of these responses and started to laugh my arse off because how asinine some people can be. If you actually go to the Mojang website, the first line written on the log for this snapshot is: "Important! This week’s snapshot is extra experimental!" Experimental means that Mojang is trying to streamline the client to make the modding API easier to implement and make it easier on the mod writers and everything. However, many people have failed to realize that opposition to this change in the way the client works is hindering only themselves. Yeah, it would essentially make single-player worlds into multi-player worlds in the sense that you would be able to invite people into your world which in the most part, from my research, is limited to whom you give permission to join.. If you dont let anyone join, it stays essentially single-player with the option to let people join later one if you would want, if ever. I read someone stating that by making single-player into multi-player, they would need the internet to play single-player, which technically you need an internet connection to technically play single-player as your own miner anyways, unless you want to play as Steve and not be able to connect to any servers.. However, just reading these responses makes me laugh and feel sorry for the people at Mojang whom work endlessly on this game and others only to be called names and berated for experimenting with the way their game runs.. If any of these name callers knew anything about how the weekly snapshots work, they are released once a week between official updates to show what the production team is working on at the moment.. Some of the stuff may not be in the official release but normally is. They are essentially the prerelease jars that they did during beta only more frequent in release. The official update being a culmination of the weekly snapshots minus more of the bugs.
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