If Aikar Turned Evil

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MissKells, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Ok so i need the EMC community's help for some ideas ;) If Aikar turned evil and ran EMC as a villain sort of thing what do you think would be some items he might have secretly stashed away in evil hideout EXAMPLE: ICC's Head or Justin guys head, an the scariest and mighty sword of all time, Economy ruining switch ;) Come up with anything I NEED your ideas ! Thanks guys
  2. He would release marlixi all over spawn.
    Yes, that is how I spell the plural of marlix
  3. Everything would stay the same, Aikar is already evil
  4. 'IF' aikar turned evil.
    Are we sure he's not evil now?
  5. lol you guys are so funny :p
  6. If aikar was evil he would make enraged versions of every mob.
  7. Um?
  8. Yep, he's evil, we alllllllll know it (^ω^)
  9. i like to think he has some secret room stashed away with an economy ruining switch thats powered by thousands of command blocks..
  10. that already is there, an economy ruining button xD

    If Aikar was evil, Dragon Tombs wouldn't be out- Oh Wait.
  11. I think he would /ci all our inventorys , then /effect (all) 15 1000000 127 us, then /summon like 999999 Momentuses and they will attack us
  12. /effect all 8 1000000 127 >: D
    /pvp on
    /spawnmob Netherhound 1000
    /ban all LOL i'm evil nao
  13. Lol! /effect all (all effects) 1000000 127