Idle players will now be kicked

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. It was brought to my attention that some people are idling on the servers when they are not playing to save a spot. Today I implemented a new idle kick system. It will kick you if you have been standing in the same place for at least 10 minutes. The actual time will vary between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how busy the server is handling other things (it won't stop things to run the check so it doesn't cause lag).

    Additionally I have decreased the time a slot is reserved after you disconnect to 1 minute (used to be 2 minutes). After reviewing a few weeks of statistics I noticed that every player that reconnected after leaving did so within 60 seconds. This will help open up slots faster when people actually are quitting.
  2. i like it!:D
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  3. I think this was a really smart move. I also think 10 minutes will allay a lot of fears people had of going afk for a couple minutes and coming back to find they were logged off. Great idea!

    You are really doing minecraft a lot of justice here :D
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  4. Awesome work Justin! There isn't one move that you ever made incorrect!
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  5. More efficiency, sweet. Nice job on that.
  6. I was acutally just about to suggest it! Great idea!
  7. "Ahaa Ahaa I liiiiike Ahaa Ahaa"
  8. very great idea justin! but only downside is when people like me have to go afk for a few min. to do something or work on something :(
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  9. been a long time coming, glad you finally added it.
  10. Yea but if you get kicked your more than likely able to get back in :p
  11. This is a great idea, I think 10mins might be to much though, but still this is definatly a good thing!
  12. 10mins is prefect (ive never knew anyone thats takes more than 10 mins to piss)
  13. I can take a leak in less than 5, who needs 10?
  14. This is wonderful news.
    The timing is good as of now. Fine tuning can be done once a proper balance of resources verses abusers has been established.
    The moving down from 1 minute to 2 is great as well, this will clear purposely logged out/kicked AFK's quicker and allow for players to join the server.

    I am glad to see this advancement in the core system of the Empire. It also makes me happy to know that the community as a whole, really does have an impact here. Not everything has to be considered, but this is proof that when we speak, we are heard. :)

    Thanks for this Justin, it is rare to find an able and willing individual such as yourself.
    Thanks to Jeremy as well, he is a wonderful Community Director. :)
    To the admins in addition, you guys make sacrifices that allow others to enjoy the Empire while you make it an additional duty. :)

    Of course, thank you as well to the community for the shared input. This is becoming my newest internet home, and for good reason. :)
  15. Sounds good, i also very often forget to disconnect. But i guess that dosn't matter 'cause I'll just get kicked, and that dosn't really do any harm. ;)
  16. It works.. Even if you are idle so that you can concentrate on having a long discussion in chat haha.
    I have been kicked while communicating with others about goings on in the community or life in general. This feature has been wonderfully implemented. :D
  17. Hehe, I've often been working on a project and ive been idle kicked randomly.
    Justin explained that it checks what block your standing on every 10 - 20 minutes and if it's the same block as you were last on when it checked, it presumes your afk, and kicks you haha.

    So when i get kicked, im like. Ohh.. So i was stood in this exact spot 10 minutes ago? =D
  18. Yes I have tweaked this logic a bit for the 1.0 update. I will continue to tweak it as it runs longer and we learn what its flaws are :)

    The perfect way would be to clear the check on every player movement. However this is also the most resource heavy (checking every player on every movement, movements also include small mouse movements).