Idle Autokick

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by autonamus, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. I think it would be a good idea now that we have a player limit to kick people of they're idle for say 15 minutes (the time can be worked on)

    This way people can't reserve a space by just sitting idle and allows people onto the server.

    I suggested this at the very start of EMC but now I think it's needed a lot more.
  2. If easy to implement, this actually would fit perfect right now.
  3. I also agree this is a great idea. I will need to create a system that records everyone's position every 15 minutes, then if it is the same on the next check give the kick. I will start to take a look tomorrow :p
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  4. make sure it measures depth as well so people digging don't get kicked. :)
  5. This sounds like a good idea. I have caught quite a few people being idle on the live map before, and it prevented myself and friends to join.
  6. Maybe it should record the positions every 5 minutes and if the person records the same position for 3 consecutive recordings then kick them. It would be a pain if people got kicked because they happened to be using the same crafting table as they were 15 minutes beforehand. I know when I use a crafting table 95% of the time I'm standing on the block directly in front of it.