IDEK Know what to do anymore :(

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  1. Hi, i have nothing to do anymore and i dont know what to build on my plot. I wanna go for builder but i doubt i will make all of the other servers :p So please comment what i should make!
    Plot : /v Knight927 /Smp7
    Ill build on a whole new plot if u want me too. I just need ideas of builds.
  2. What do you mean by "I wanna go for builder" ?
  3. You should build a mall
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  4. he means like build team
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  5. Try out for build team! Start an outpost!
  6. whats a outpost? Like idk what u mean?
  7. An outpost is a town outside of town. It is like a wild base and you can let people join make laws etc. They are a ton of fun!
  8. You have been here for just over a month, how can you be bored already. D:
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  9. because idk what to do anymore
  10. There's always something to do. Try living in the wild for a few months. It helps.
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  11. Build a public slime farm.
  12. I know what im doing now! /v Happydanterobot , im building a giant castle to get builder!