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  1. Trampling is a problem..... maybe Justin could code crops/stems into the protection as blocks or something? also the amount of people asking questions that are on the guide is REALLY annoying maybe... (this would help the amount of griefers and the amount of random annoying trolls) it should be that only members of the site can play? and also it could be whitelisted and the people who are members are auto whitlisted? and Justin would donating get you a better harddrive?
  2. I think there should be a different type of adding players to the server and its by making an Application to get on the server !
    That will keep trollz and griefers away !
  3. A lot of what you say is already in place. you can not claim a res unless you're a member of the site, you can not get out of the start zone without coming to the website and you can't destroy anything in anothers res.

    Remember, many trolls and griefers are not going to go trough the trouble of going trough the tutorial and signing up to the website to do so.

    Remember the wasteland and any other sub zone is grief able, yes they will get banned but that's the whole point of those zones is to not be safe, this is why we have the amazing town.
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  4. Application..... That actually sounds like an awesome idea.. no troll ive ever known would take the effort to make an application
  5. and also it should be against the rules to tell people to press alt+f4 (it closes mincraft)
  6. It already is, it would fall under at least 3 of the rules.
  7. Well, with the tutorial in place, they no longer have to be a member of the site to claim a res, you become a member after leaving the tutorial...but they still get perks for joining the site (free rupees, etc.)

    We'll still have to modify the tutorial some I'm sure to make it hard enough for newbies to not just breeze through it without actual research.

    In regards to the alt+F4 thing, I know who you're referring to, and he was banned.
  8. In that case perhaps making them be a member of the site before leaving that zone could be a dent idea? that way they actually came to the site.
  9. that was the funniest ban ever "ausqb banned ...... reason alt+f4 your account"
  10. lol pwn, you keep confusing me with everyone. You called me Justin the other day and now AusQB.
  11. D: i fail sometimes...... i think there was to alt f4 peeps cuz i coullda swore it was aus cuz i remeber the green ness
  12. Ah okay, maybe he warned him once before I got there and banned him. :)
  13. kk. im not thebest rembererer (remeberere?) nd im just a goof ball in general so Please correct me if im wrong ( i usually am)
  14. and about res probs what if spawn in town was floating and also there was floating ress?
  15. I don't see how that would work or why you would do it.
  16. not enough ress and if that idea were put to "action" im willing to sacrifice the sky above my house :)
  17. Oh, it's not a problem. Justin is expanding town as we speak right now. :)
  18. Is it not possible to protect your plants even from accidental griefing?
  19. really? :D well thats good to know and near the bedrock wall thing maybe there should be like trees or something?
  20. Oh, okay, yeah. that's being fixed.

    What do you mean, as long as it's your res and the person doesn't have permission to do it, they can't. it should regrow the plant in it's previous state when it's griefed instantly.