[Ideas] Pimp My Outpost

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Did you pimp your outpost

YEA 11 vote(s) 55.0%
NAHH 4 vote(s) 20.0%
It already was kinda epic 5 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello and welcome to Pimp My Outpost!
    This week on the show we will be learning how to turn a plain outpost into a unique and interesting outpost!

    Starting off:
    When starting off it is important to pick a nice landscape to complement those amazing builds! It can make your outpost so much groovier!

    You will then of course want to start off building. Preferably with some friends.
    Plan for expansion so make a town center and set up the roots for a transport system. If the LLO transport system was non existent my time there would be too! It is important to get a map working. here is an amazing one from the LLO website!

    Another important thing is to have bunch of friends like I said earlier.
    This is because you will end up with a bunch of different buildings and styles.
    However be careful as it is easy to mismatch them.

    Existing outposts:

    You know what really kills a beautiful building?
    Ugly paths... Try to be creative and innovative...
    In yeti village there are trees every where it looks so amazing! Also don't go over the top! Another thing is to make little mini parks and seats.
    This helps add interest to all the little nooks and crannies!

    This is an amazing example. This was built by Jakres and rendered by me

    All outposts should have a garden/farm (Crops).
    Believe it or not I find these quite pretty for some reason. Also be as creative as you can because weet inside builds as garden pot things look nice also.

    Try to work with your landscape not against it.
    As a flat outpost can be effective but you can get more promising results from the amazing code that minecraft has!

    Extra Swag:
    A good name is also important. This will draw people in. Another thing related to that is to have as many people as you feel comfortable with! This means as many as you want but only if you want it.

    Nether routes are always good to help transport also!

    Over all:

    Be creative. Build lots of things for fun! After all who needs just one home when you could have seven! Work as a team and above all....

    Have some fun!

    Map by shavingfoam and co.
    Suggestions by NINJATILLA
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  2. Also feel free to share Ideas I will likely add them to the OP :)
    (Your name will be down the bottom)
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  3. I have one, Try and get as many people over there as Possible, Screenshots and a Nice name always help along with the location.

    A nether route also makes travel around easier.
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  4. I will add that when I can use my laptop likely after school tomorow
  5. Epic Idea mate!
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  6. You should link this in the Wild outpost knowledge Exchange thread.
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  7. The name itself is purely genius. :p
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  8. I added some pictures....
    Feel free to send me pictures to use as examples :)

  9. I spelt checked it :p
    Note: If you copy and paste this into the first post I'll delete this for you :)
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  10. Ohh uhhh....
  11. I never thought to add bench seats to give the walkways character. I've been mostly making the outpost functional and forgetting the aesthetics.
  12. Or you can just binge watch Grian and pray that you subconsciously absorb his talent.
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