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  1. Alright so about 2 months ago i ended up taking down my smp5 castle (very first build on emc) with the help of a few other players which included quite a bit of mining away a little tnt and tons of lava. i wanted to switch things up and refresh my plot in a way as the castle just seemed old and getting in the way. ive recently been away from mc (only on a few min here and there each day due to work and life) but im now ready to get back to building but i do not have any ideas as ive been out of the loop for a while. So i want to include the community here on emc in my next build to see what everyone else would like to see as my next build to take the place of my castle. If possible i would like everyone to put forth their ideas if you have any and include some sort of pictures (non minecraft) for an example of what your idea is even if it is a rendered image all helps.

    -820 out
  2. I too find it hard to build stuff on my res'. 60x60 is just not big enough lol even my utopia build, i wish I had more room. I have 6 res together on smp5 but so many road edits would be needed.
  3. posting late at night so here is a bump for those that didnt get to see and give some ideas