Ideas for the upcoming event

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ShaneKas, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. I am creating a monthly horse olympics and ideas for the event. As you all know, olympics have many events. Please leave your idea for an event in the comments. If your idea is unique and liked, then I might use it for the olympics! :) I already have a race track so please don't say that.

    btw: The event will be released next week!
  2. Javelin, except with an enderpearl :)
    Cool idea by the way!
  3. You can enderpearl while youre riding a horse?
  4. Jousting is a good one. Ximph made one on one of my reses 8724. Good feature from it is having a very slow horse give you an advantage.
    I also think BabyCreepersRule made a jousting arena too, might need to confirm with her though.

  5. No, just ender pearl while running in one direction and record distance.
  6. Can you shoot targets while riding a horse? I've been on a horse maybe 3 times in my MC life lol
  7. You could do now shooting with targets at different ranges