Ideas For Christmas!

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  1. Hello Everyone! Before anything I would like to give everyone a happy thanksgiving.

    I have some ideas for when Christmas comes around so if you want to hear about my ideas please listen up :)

    1st idea: Advent Calendars.

    Everyday there is a new promo. so lets say the command was /promo advent1 that would be the first day in the advent. It would only last for 1 day. After the 25 days if you have all or near to all the advents you collected over the 25 days, you will get a special advent promo. I think this would be good because it is festive and a fun thing to do :)

    2nd idea: Good & Bad Snowmen.

    This idea is basically implying that there are going to be a lot of snowmen in the wilderness and maybe the end (not suited for the nether) Some will be 'Santa's helpers' and give you gifts however some will be bad helpers and try to kill you. I think this would be great to because it would also be fun to go exploring for snowmen just like with the turkeys on Thanks Giving.

    3rd idea: Christmas PvP compotition.
    I admit this is not as important as the other 2, however i think it would be a barrel of fun if we had a duel pvp match (If you want I could host it) I think this would be good becuase pvp is very underused on this server.

    Thank You for looking at my ideas and Merry Christmas!
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  2. I like the snomen idea. They could drop nonsense like renamed emerald Christmas ornaments or just special snow.
    I'd like to see something that encourages us to head out into the wastelands in groups so anything like this would be made more awesome by upping drop/spawn rates for groups. Can we get it to snow at the outposts and spawn?