Ideas for casino machines! help!

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  1. Hai, I need help finishing my casino with more machines and I need ideas for these machines I have 2 types that are compact atm an item one that gives you an item when you buy and one that gives you a book you can claim for different prizes I need more ideas! please help me
  2. YouTube much
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  3. I need better newer and more compact :p but yah
  4. ahhh, I made my own casino machine once and it was the coolest thing every, but I would have to ask my friend if he stills remembers how to make one, it basically only allowed a certain object in (e.g renamed wool: Wolfepack Casino Chip) and it worked perfectly and you also put 8 stacks of dirt and one stack of prizes (e.g diamonds, iron, gold, ect.) in the output thing so it was a 1/9 thing... If my friend still knows how to make it Ill tell you, its about 5(front)X12(back). Ill have to see if I can make it again but yeah
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  5. ah cool thanks I can make all but the thing that sorts the items can they show me how to do that please?
  6. yeah I totally forget... I used to have a casino at 707 but summer came so I left and lost it
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  7. ...I'm in your afk pool ;) and yah cool
  8. XD I see that lol
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