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  1. I think you shouldn't need to auction huge quanties of rare items, like diamonds (I think Minimum should be 16 diamonds) or witherskulls (3). Very rare heads (Like mine (Im bannedd) or ICC's head) should be able to be auctioned.
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  2. That can already be done in game, and would only create an excessive amount of auction forum threads.
  3. oh...
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  4. Also just to touch on Jkjkjk's post, just because you're banned doesn't mean your head is really valuable and IMO you really need to stop talking about your ban.
  5. Yes, I wouldn't want to share to EMC that I got banned. That's kind of awkward... no offensive or anything... but when you're banned, there isn't a use for your head actually...
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  6. True I sell heads for 200r, I seen heads for 10 k, I inform ppl that is it a ripoff...
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  7. I sell my head for 500 rupees. I've actually sold quite a bit. 10k would be a lot for a head, unless you are a mod or a really popular player.
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  8. 16 Diamond at a time for an Auction... Even a dc of eggs go for more.
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  9. I never sold my head and never will..I think selling heads over 500r is a ripoff...
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  10. Minimum 16 diamonds? No, if you want 16 diamonds then you can buy them in game. Diamonds should only be auctioned in large quantities, if you want to sell a small amount of diamonds quickly, make a sell thread or set up a shop in game.
  11. You wouldn't think it's a rip off if you found out what my original price for my head was. :p
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  12. That is not nearly enough. People sell diamonds at shops at intervals of 16.
    Is 54 really too hard to get?
    Your head is not special.
    Just sell it, or get 53 more. It's not too hard.
  13. Your head isn't valuable your banned
    + auctions are forever.
  14. The current auction limits are set after extensive discussion about value and ease to obtain. I understand your want to change this, but it will not be happening anytime soon.
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  15. This Cause Of Action Will never Happen
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  16. I really think that the rules are just fine the way they are. They're that way for a reason. And only 16 diamonds? if anything it should be a SC of them. And if you want to sell a head sell it. Why must you auction it? Just my opinion
  17. To auction off a head, it must be a special mod or admin head, not a regular player's head. Indeed, selling it would be easier and you would be able to make more rupees off of it. So... if you want to auction off a head, you would have to get 3456 of your heads, or you can spread 54 of your head around the dc. But you are banned... and I really don't know why you are still talking about having these ideas for EMC. It's not like you will be any part of it.
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  18. Moderator's heads and other staff heads cannot be auctioned off separately. They must be in a DC. Pig tried to auction off davie's head but couldn't.
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  19. Not gonna lie, I'm not sure why people that are banned try and add things to the Server, I have no problem with them chatting on the forums, but I just don't understand this type of post from someone who is banned.
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