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  1. So I had an idea about a committee made up of leaders of wild outposts. This committee's purpose would be to help increase cooperation between outposts. It would not be a form of government that is a larger body over each outpost like the EU is to Europe, but a committee meant to help outposts and to promote cooperation. Any public outpost could join (I'm going to assume that most private camps would not want to join because it would cause others to know the location of it.) and they could have the "leader" of the outpost join the committee. The committee's job would be to talk about the conditions in the wild itself and ideas about what could be done to improve the wild and wild outposts. These talks would be done over PM on the site, with some possible meetings in game. There would be no real leader of the committee or any governing body.

    This is just an idea but I hope we could maybe make it realized. :)
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  2. this sounds like a really good reason IMO. honestly, we need more cooperation in the wild :/
  3. Perhaps one day this could come together, although I don't think it should be just outpost leaders. There needs to be unbiased parties involved to protect the interest of the Empire, not just of all outposts.

    I also do think that there needs to be a leader... just for organizational sake. Some things can survive without one if done right, but most fall hopelessly into arguments.
  4. The idea of having the outpost leaders as the members is so they could represent the ideas and wants of their members in a neat and tidy fashion. I do agree we need a leader, but it would be hard to have a leader who would not be bias towards an outpost as they would be from an outpost.
  5. The leader would have to be in no outposts nor plan on joining any. It'll be hard to find someone, but possible. But at the same time it needs to be someone with experience in wild communities...
  6. I have an idea. We could get a mod to maybe watch over it. My preference would be Dwight, as he is the mod with the most experience with outposts.
  7. It is a great idea. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to get a mod on board. Besides, they would be COMPLETELY unbiased, considering they aren't allowed to join outposts (I don't think.)

    EDIT: Too lazy to type right now. MOAR IDEAS L8R!
  8. So if this does go ahead we should have some criteria for membership. My ideas are:

    1. Must be public or semi-private (Has a membership application)
    2. Must have X amount of members not including the owner/leader of the outpost.
    3. Other than the LLO, the outpost must be established. This is so the owner/leader of the outpost is also established.

    The LLO would probably become a bottomless well of asterisks if it joined. :p

    For in game meetings, we could switch to a different outpost for every meeting, much like the G20, or we could have an established meeting place. My suggestion for that is the LLO.
  9. Is there any outposts that would be interested at this time?
  10. Cathaga (PoC) is now on board. If another camp or two joins we could start a PM. :)
  11. Yes, PoC is going to join. I also informed 'Concordian Forum for Cooperation and Development' about this thread and I hope we can join these two initiatives together.
  12. The Estonan Federation will join be joining this, seems like a good idea