[IDEA] Residence Trade

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  1. My idea is at a EXTREMELY high price eg. 10 million rupees you could trade Your rupees for a second residence. Of course it would have no effect on Gold and Diamond supporters, or to people already owning a second residence because they could not obtain a third res.

    It'd be nice for the people who don't have any money to spare, and barely anybody would be in a position to buy it.
    Please take this idea into consideration.
  2. First off, almost nobody would be able to afford this so its very much unachievable, its like running for president as a baby. And really whats the point, the only way most people could afford this is if they bought the rupees, and then if you spent that money why wouldn't you just buy a supportership.
  3. No, it's better as a perk for supporters which is the main sole reason to get supporter.
  4. I just HAVE to...
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  5. Maybe for supporters but 10m?? Someone barely got 1m after months of playing... and he was diamond supporter...
  6. Yeah not 10 million D: That a lot of rupees, not many people even have 1 million. xP But it is an interesting idea...
  7. I thought this was an idea on two people trading residences with each other.
  8. Well geniuses, if that price was lowered than everyone could afford another res.

    Personally I love this idea.

    Haha that's funny I haven't seen that before where did you find it?
  9. Being a gold/diamond supporter can work too
  10. do u have any idea how long it'd take to get 10 million rupees?

    Do the math: 10,000,000 / 100 = 100,000 days. You'll probably make 1 million off other things during that time frame. 90,000 days.

    Diamond supporter: 7692.3 days. 1 million off from the 10 million = 6923 days. That's about 197 years.

    But this is based off if you only gain 111.1 rupees a day. (Regular player) (diamond: 1311.1 per day.)

    If you gained 3k every day (For both regular and diamond supporter) then you could get that much in a year.
  11. Redo your math;) 187*365=71905:p
  12. ah, thanks
  13. i never saw this thread before yet - so here is my suggestion ...
    You reach a certain amount of money per say 50 thousand rupees ... or so ... you can exchange that amount for 1 credit .... then once you reach a certain amount of credits you could achieve certain things on a res, lets say an open res ... that has claim available ... either you have to have a free slot open to claim or you pay ... 20 credits .... also the credits could be used for per say 10 credits to remove all dirt on your res ... just a suggestion - hope this helps you guys think of more possibilities :p
  14. 1 credit: (50k rupees) remove x amount of dirt (+ 1 more credit to put all of material in inventory)
    2 credit: (100k rupees) you can use x amount of tnt IN YOUR RES ONLY
    5 credit: (1 mil rupees) unlock a second res
  15. Glowstick said at a high price. THAT is debatable. But all he's saying is if it was 500k a large amount of people could buy a res. This gives people a reason to get more money, available to only those who try really hard to make that money.
  16. I think getting an extra residence should stay as an exclusive perk for supporters.
  17. :S
  18. Gahhhh 197* -_-