Idea of how to stop people getting bored of EMC

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  1. I have been on the forums for like an hour and saw that a lot of Minecraft players are in other countries and their first language isn't English for example the language that they speak in their country may be German or Danish and it may be hard for them to read the chat in English and that is the reason a lot of players that don't find English easy quit or get tired of emc. My solution is that we should have channels for the language such as /ch German or /ch Danish
    thank you for reading.
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  2. no one has read my idea...
  3. I have...... Well, it could help others that speak different languages?
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  4. This would split the community up, a very small tight-knit community, that should not be divided.
  5. But then it would be easy for people from other non-English speaking countries unite instead of being bored and turning the chat off.
  6. There won't be alot of German or Danish a channel for them would be possible if there were many. But this is near impossible
  7. Shouldn't they be playing on a server that speaks their own language if they can't English? :l
  8. Emc isn't just an english server. If you go on smp4 we have a huge dutch community that plays.
  9. People from other countries such as Swedan, Spain, ect. have absolutely no problem with keeping up with chat IMO -- good on them. :)
  10. Your required to type in english on EMC though.
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  11. I literally just searched pretty much everywhere on the EMC website, and found nothing telling me about having to type in english.
  12. Ask any moderator.
  13. If that is true, then why hasn't Robbie ever banned the 15+ dutch speakers on smp4?
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  14. You didn't search everywhere
    Under the terms of conditions under the branch of disruptive communications it clearly states that and I quote:
  15. It doesn't state too clearly that speaking in a foreign language would get you banned? I'm sure a moderator wouldn't ban a foreign person on the spot as that would consider them a racist. If any user doesn't want to hear a foreign person in the chat they can anonymously /ingore them, banning them would cause a racial uproar which, really, isn't nessicary?
  16. Well thats the terms and conditions. If you don't follow it they have the right to terminate your services, its not about racial distinction but its a way of moderating EMC. If someone has an argument in a Russian language and no moderator understands Russian then a whole argument will be happening. As the terms and conditions said and I quote:
    If you do not follow the terms and conditions EMC and/or Kalland Labs reserves the right to terminate your account and the entirety of it.
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  17. >if they can't English?
    >if they can't English?
    >>if they can't English?

    I'm pretty sure you can speak English. so.. your point?
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  18. Shouldn't EMC get some foreign/multi lingual moderators in then? It is possible, and it has happened before. Me and a friend used to run a habbo retro hotel, we had 10 users, which is nothing, we met a portuguese man called reis who owned a hotel also, his finances were failing so we allowed him to merge with us. For 3 months we ran a hotel with 7 staff members who spoke, english, spanish, french, dutch, portuguese, brazilian and russian combined. We had 250 - 280 users on constantly, it was a success and it improves a community so much more.
  19. It's the terms and conditions, Like it or lump it.
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  20. Well not going to say any names but... there were these 2 spanish guys who spoke spanish and they argued... I brought in the heavy support(Green_Mystery) and he tried to resolve the issue but they kept arguing in spanish so... this went on for quite a while until one of them got banned.

    The con's outweigh the pro's, unless you have enough money to buy the entire EMC staff Rosetta Stone then I stick with the terms and conditions. Plus its not easy to achieve moderator rank so you just can't hire someone.

    You can either talk in a different language in private chat or go in a local chat. If you cannot comply with the terms and conditions please contact