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Do you think this would be good?

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  1. So I was thinking to myself EMC has a lot of players on it. Why not get a list of all active or un active players. Then it hit me. Im going to do a head museum. I will have list a-z everyone. There would be floors for each one. Staff will also be included but will be made a special place where there name lands. It will be all alphabetical. I am thinking of making it on my 4 residence. combined with one of my alts when he comes online. It will also Consist at the top of promos that I have collected. If this occurs to be built. This is only in beta though so nothing is set and no building is in process. When I get it all worked out there will be an access chest on my 3rd res for head donations and a chest for block donations to help with the build. If you have any suggestions or would like to help with the build please pm me and well get it answered. I feel like this will turn out great but if you have a way I could make it better that would be great.

    This thread will also have multiple edits to it so be sure to pay attention.

    Edits go below here:
    Access chest are open ready for donations on 4 res
    If anyone could help donate peoples heads that you have that would help so not every single person has to go and donate their head.
  2. Lol that what im thinking but how much work will it take. The hard part is heads and when new people come more spots are needed.
  3. Isn't EMC currently in the progress of doing the same thing on smp2.
  4. You're going to list all 15,387 active players on EMC on signs and try to track down their heads? :eek:
  5. Looks like a job for..................................... JOHN CENA...I had to.
  6. No.
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  7. I dont think they are
  8. yep big project and thats why I posted this so that people can help me get this spread out to everyone. Hey btw is there a list of all active members so I can keep track of who is done?
  9. Just going to tell you this now, not everyone is going to give you there head. How are you going to work around this issue?
  10. Yeah I know that part and that is when there head want be displayed but instead there will be an armor stand empty with there name below it just want have a head. I will also put a button below and when you press it it will say what day they joined emc. So if they ever do donate their head I can easily put it on.
  11. There's no plausible way to ensure it always has space for every member, especially as new ones join. Thousands of heads on a single res would also cause an immense amount of lag.
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  12. Well from what im hearing this will be no more than because you guys have brought up a bunch of good points making it not possible and to much work