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  1. Here's the basic idea, right up front, so everyone knows what this is: The museum world would be a place for the best of the best EMC creations to live safely, away from the danger of going derelict or being griefed.

    Here's the idea in a little more detail:

    Too many times I've seen amazing creations lost to new players thinking "oo, this res looks like it's in a nice spot! I don't care how awesome it looks now, I can make it better!", who just build a dirt hut and leave, or perhaps worse, build yet another lackluster shop. Remember Amadai's wooden mansion, with the stained glass windows? Yukon's Barad-Dur, made completely of obsidian mined from the end? Probably not. They were destroyed long ago, amazing creations now existing only in our imaginations. There are tens, if not hundreds of others, all gone now from the Empire. I appreciate the beauty and the art I see here. I want it all to remain in more than just my memory.

    WHERE would it be?
    It could be one extra world, or one per server. Both have their benefits. Either way, it would be a separate copy of a blank "town" world, ready to be filled with awesome creations.

    HOW does a creation get into the Museum World?
    This obviously presents an issue. Everybody on EMC does amazing work, and everybody's work deserves recognition. HOWEVER, we're looking for the best of the best, by popular opinion. One way to deal with this would be to have a /sendToMusuem command (or something similar), using which any member of the community could vote (once per member, of course) for a residence to be sent to the Museum world. Only residences that got above 100, or 200, or some other arbitrary number, would be moved. This leaves out creations that span more than one residence, or that are built in wild colonies. Those could perhaps be voted in by a thread of some specific format on the site, perhaps by posting the res number and "MUSEUM" in the title, and achieving over 100 likes or something similar on the post.

    As a Museum world res owner, WHAT permissions do I have? WHAT permissions does the average person have?
    None! Yaaayyyy! Residences in the Museum world would be "given" to the community, so they'd be owned by EMC, not by the players who built them. As a result, you would be a guest on any residence in the Museum world, even one you built.

    Questions? Comments? Let me know! I'll update this post with more specific details as people remind me of them or they get discussed in the thread.

  2. This is a pretty good idea but it can easily become a popularity contest and some people may troll and vote in a dirt residence for the giggles. I think that, if a user wants his/her build to be in such a world, they submit their residence to somewhere , gets voted on, then a staff member can see what that build is and approve it to make sure a trollish dirt hut isn't being thrown into a museum world.
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  3. I think the idea is unfair to those who built brilliant creations in the wilderness, which in reality may deserve more admiration being built in an environment of survival using materials that are usually produced by the player by hand while mobs roam the area :p Just an opinion
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  4. Sounds like a good addition to the system. Keep in mind that a troll would have to get several hundred troll votes to get a res in.

    I agree, honestly. I also think it causes problems for multi-res creations (like mine at 1397). Please reread the "How" section carefully though. There IS a way for these non-standard areas to be admitted, and the bar on the site could be a little lower than the in-game one.
  5. Anyone remember D1223ms mall on SMP3? Sad to see it go when SMP3 was recomended. :(
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  6. If you like the idea (and this goes for EVERYONE seeing this), spread the word. Let's get this moving before any other awesome residences are gone forever!
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  7. Yes, yes, yes. 100% yes.
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