[IDEA] More /res commands?

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Do you think this is a good idea?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    My idea is that maybe we need to upgrade our Residence commands. Now maybe add a few more flags but what I'm thinking of is....

    /res kick [player]
    This would kick a player back to their home.

    /res ban [player]
    bans a player from that res

    /res unban [player]
    unbans a player from a res

    /res temp ban [player] [time: in hrs]
    bans a player for a certain amount of time (to unban do the unban command)

    Now I think that everyone should have the ban and unban commands but only iron supporter and above for kicks and temp bans. Let me know what you think!
  2. You can just use the /res pset move command, no need for ban commands. Same with kicking users.
  3. well I could do that but I still think the temp ban command should be implemented
  4. Instead of /res ban, you can use /res pset [player] move false, and to unban use /res pset [player] move true
  5. Basically explains everything on the subject. Sorry , but since there is already /pset and /set command, there is no need for this.
  6. Why are you telling me, you are focusing on the wrong user...
  7. No, I'm trying to say that to brick :p
  8. gotcha!