[IDEA] Improved "/report" Functionality

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Would this be nice?

Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. My Idea: When 2 or more people report someone within 5-10 minutes that person is automatically temp-banned if there are no staff on the server at the time. When a staff member gets on, ban is automatically lifted so the alleged perpetrator may defend himself. If there is no empirical evidence that the offense has been committed then the staff may choose to drop the case totally or inflict punishment on the reporters for false reporting, depending on the situation. Discuss! :D

    Note: I know how hard java is to code so don't mistake this post for being demanding. I'm in no way saying that you should do this. Just trying to help out the staff with some ideas :)
  2. This kind of thing has been discussed before. The staff prefer it if the system does not take action such as that unless it's JackBiggin.

    But anyways, people will sometimes say in chat "everyone report playerX!!!!11!!!" and this could be untrue. So this kind of thing has been turned down.
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  3. Justin had more plans to upgrade Square/report functionality, but he got too busy really :/ I'm fairly sure that this is on the to-do list (I don't think Aikar can do it unless he has the ability to alter Square) - as making the server smarter when it comes to reports but I wouldn't expect it any time soon. :)

    In the mean time just use /ignore and wait. :)
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  4. I could see this sytem being abused by people.

    bob- hey frank lets get this guy temp banned because i dont like him
    frank- ok bob

    both- /report joe no valid reason what so ever

    joe- raging for hours because unjustified kick because two people were trolling and no mods were on

    Beside even if a mod is online on any emc server or not. as long as there logged on [square] they can view any report placed.

    tldr- IMO if it aint broke dont fix it
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  5. I am uncertain if there are any plans to improve the /report Feature at this time. But I am almost completely certain that this will not be implemented. The Cons GREATLY outweigh the few pros on this.
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