Idea I got off Super earth.

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  1. Well looking at their website, I saw you can make towns out in the wild. I was thinking that maybe we could do something like that! There would be the main town (The one we have right now.) and small, user ran towns. Here is how you would set it up.

    Mayor: (Would be you if you are the one setting it up)
    Two others founders:
    Map location:

    You would then post this onto a new forum called Town set ups.
    It would cost 1500R to set up the town, and the town MUST be 10k blocks from another town. Once you are set up, a red boarder will be put on the map around your town. From then on, you can start building. I would suggest a a town hall, a hotel, and a store but you can feel free to add whatever you want. Also, you could have taxes. Lets say a guy wants to have a house built for him in the town. You could charge him the rupees for the house, and also add taxes, since he is living in your town.

    Some use made town commands could also be added. Here are a few I came up with.

    /Jail (Player name) : Kicks the player out of the town for 24 Hours. If abused, can get you banned.
    /Promote (Player name) Promotes the player to a higher rank in your town. Can also be used to demote.
    /Town message : Used to tell anyone who has a house or anyone who is in the town something.

    Like your home lot, you can give town perms.

    Please tell me what you think!

    You have to be at least a iron supporter to make a town.
  2. So this is like a /town, but in the wilderness? I don't see the point of it :l
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  3. No not like that. It would be used as a outpost, kind of a like a old trade fort. It would be used for shelter during the night and could also be used a secondary rupee maker.
  4. We have the Main Town because we don't want this. The wild isn't supposed to have safe zones that can be set up on a whim, sorry.
  5. Ah ok. Well I suppose we can just make hotels in the wild for lost explorers.
  6. Sadly, i have other reasons because it couldn't be possible :/
    That means that if each one (iron supporter +) decides to make one (wich in your example would be pretty much possible, since each town is only 1.5k) we will have more than 100 towns, wich means 100 x 10k wich will lead to an exesive big map
    1000000 squares is simply, to much.

    I see the idea is to make kind of "factions" as in other servers, BUT the way the empire is constructed and mean't to work is simply not the same as other servers with the PvP|Factions idea.

    Other reason is that everyone has a house already or is making it, ton's of big buildings have been made already and the real good builders must be finishing/ had finished already thei'r work, so, just as a question, Why in hell would they like to make a second house? *even if they wanted, gold+ already have 1-2 extra res*

    The idea of hotel's in wilderness is awesome, but as crazy sayed there won't be protection in there, so runing it will just lead to madness.
  7. Good point. Also, can you help me hide the red stone once the thing updates?
  8. shure, i'm in-real life bussy for now, gimme build perms and put some signs so i can find it in case you are not online at the time i am ;)