Idea For The Wild

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  1. Hey guys, as I've been playing a lot lately but not as much as some of you :p But I've noticed something. The Wilderness and the nether aren't used to much. By that i mean there needs to be a little more reason to go out and explore i know you need to go out and grab supplies and build up but the walking back maybe from a 5 minecraft days just to maybe buy something then 5 days back is a little annoying but this may be only me on this idea i think there should be some incentive to going out into the wild and build up a house or a shop or even a hotel. I noticed many people don't leave the town at all like hermits which makes it a little dull

    I mean why not start a village? i'm guessing this idea may have been thrown around in the past. It gives a little more depth then just cowering in the town which i know even if we could start a village people would still cower inside but put the wilderness or nether in more use besides resources. In the end the game is about collecting and building I don't mean to offend anyone at all. I'm just throwing idea's to maybe make the wilderness a little more interesting? fun? Anyhow thank you for letting me blab on and taking the time to read this :)

  2. It's mostly get griefed :(
    Demotivated me of doing it.
    I,ve done it twice and got griefed twice
    I gave up of building in the wild
  3. Yes, i seen it happen as well. But to some point there should be a way to cease the griefing, installing Towny? this would remove all griefing but the plugin itself may prove annoyance but this would be for more the "Village" idea. Its a shame that the griefing destroys possibilities :(
  4. Hard to do. those are admin consideration.
    Unless u can rally enough trustworthy people from different timezone.
    Maybe assign 24 hrs patrol
  5. Yea, But should we have to "patrol" and "Guard" Our places, things like these destroy the thoughts of doing so, which i guess is why the wilderness is so empty lol.
  6. It's interesting how the Wild is utilised on EMC. Apart from the odd bod who's got their little house somewhere way in the middle of nowhere, I rarely see anyone on Wild, and as I go so far afield to make sure I'm plundering virgin lands, I certainly never get to talk to anyone.

    I do feel like there's a massive disconnect, and I would love to build on the Wild because on my travels I've found some stunning landscapes that I could integrate a building with to make a fantastic home, but as there's no protection against griefing and as I can't stab the offending person to death, I've no desire to see my hard work vanish in someones petty actions.

    Towny mod, wasn't that the one that had the Protection Stones that protected (aha) all the land in x-x area and meant you didn't have to worry about griefing?

    That would be a good mod to use, but I recall it being a bit of a pain when it came to updates. I recall it causing a fair few problems on the last server I played on.
  7. Yes, im not to fond on the talking only to be 100 blocks away, Im a social type of person which makes it a little hard for me to just venture off and not talk to anyone.

    Something needs to be done i think as the wild as so much opportunity but the thought of grief is at a high risk which destroys any thought which ruins it. I'm more of a lone wolf when it comes to building and i like to Build away from all but still being able to talk to everyone makes it more enjoyable. I just wish we could build in the wilderness and come back days later to the house still there not pieces of material scattered.

    Yes towny protects everything from where you mark its a great addon and worth the pain in the end. The server i helped run we had it going i admit it was a struggle but it paid off oh so well.
  8. You should get friends. I'd gladly join you in your efforts of wildy building stuff. I've been considering adventuring in the wild once I'm done with my home in town. Unfortunately I have a big to do list...Mostly of big things. x_x

    Though my "adventures" would be mostly planting saplings and maybe some minor landscaping to make things look nicer...Maybe some late night mob hunting. Build a small fort, see how many days I can hold up in it. Something. lol