Idea for Iron supporters.

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  1. I think Iron supporters should be allowed to use the Utopia wild, but not allowed to get a lot in Utopia. Utopia is the supporters world, so why not let the cheapest supporter rank use something in it.
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  2. I dont agree, If you want pay a little extra, Save your sweet money;)
  3. I'm sorry, but I did not follow one world you said in that sentence..
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  4. Merf it can agree and disagree. Its a good idea for all the supporters to hang out and be in the wild....But Utopia is were us gold and diamond supporters can get away from MOST spammers. Not saying any names.... *cough* you know who i am talking about *cough*

    so its a good idea and a bad idea....
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  5. *Cough* We all know *Cough* *Cough* *Cou-
    PS: Its a good idea but I don't know if its going to get implemented or not
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  6. Would you like some cough medicine?

    First of all, how does the wild in Utopia mean you can get away from spammers? And the Utopia wild is clean, well as close as it gets. So letting iron supporters in means more mess.
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  7. The iron supporter rank was intended to be just for having a saved slot on the full servers.
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  8. Exactly, +1 to you,
  9. I got Iron partially so I could /map hide when a Gold was stalking me from server to server.
  10. On the other hand, the servers are rarely full these days, so it's not really useful. There's still /map hide at least.
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  11. I prefer cough drops.

    Utopia Wild should be only for Gold and Diamond supporters because if they actually let Iron Supporters do that then everyone can just pay 5 bucks then cancel and use the Utopia Wild for a month... not sure this make sense
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  12. How about the opposite?
    Iron supporters can claim their only res in utopia, but can't use the wild.
    Just throwing ideas out.
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  13. The non supporters spamming. Thats what i mean. :)
  14. I think this is a bad idea because at the moment, the utopia wild is all neat and nice. I think that if iron supporters could use it it would be destroyed and ruined. ):
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  15. A few of you seem to have pretty low opinions of Iron supporters. Yeah, Iron supporters aren't even house broken. They're only one step above the non-supporting unwashed masses after all...

    I can think of two Diamond supporters who recently went down in history for being very naughty. I know one of them was previously Gold, I can't think of any Irons who've made news in such a way.

    Mr Pig, funny you should mention spam. It wasn't long ago a certain Gold supporter I know had a drop party and didn't take his chat local. I couldn't read town chat because all I could see was gold letters all over my screen. I asked that person twice to take the party local and was just ignored. It seemed to go on for a long time because they couldn't get enough people to play.

    I don't know either whether the Utopian really is as pristine as rumored. I've never seen a Diamond supporter with a little dirt shack on their lot. They tend to build more massively than that. So of the four residences a Diamond is allowed, I often see a monument on Utopia, a "Home", and often at least one store. None of them are modest. Where do you think all the materials for the multiple builds that Diamond and Gold supporters do come from? They vault it in from other servers of course.

    I chose my Iron subscription to get /map hide. I had two Gold supporters hounding me and following me from server to server asking me about a slime farm. One of them later went Diamond, then was banned(Yes, he was why I went Iron.). I sometimes just want to sit at a grinder in peace. How many Gold and Diamond supporters do you think are kids whose parents are paying for their accounts? You know a kid isn't going to ask for Iron if they can get their parents to pay, and $20 is a nice round number. How many Iron supporters do you think are paying for themselves and trying to be frugal with their money?

    I've visited Utopia town and you can have it. It seemed like a cemetery with all the temples people have built for themselves. I've never been to the Utopian Wild. The cushy-ness of no hunger and continuous daylight doesn't appeal to me. If you're going to suggest that Iron supporters are somehow less worthy of respect than other supporters, I think you should reconsider your opinion.
  16. Im a broke diamond supporter i got 2k but i just got my membership yesterday :(
  17. utopia is a special place for the gold and diamond supporters who pay 10/20$ a month instead of a little 5$ a month so i think its not fair and like more people said it would turn somewhat into a mini bombfield like the smp's
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  18. We do pay alot but also some diamond supporters are nice not mean people are just jealous we get 4x the res as them and 13x the rupees so stop hating if you want to have those things upgrade
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  19. +2
  20. Just buy gold or diamond. If you really love this server then you wouldn't mind. It is only $10 a month.
    (It might be just me but I think you had diamond supporter for a while.)