Idea for good EMCers.

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  1. So lets say you report every wrong that is done in your server, and lots of them go towards a ban. Your helping make EMC good by helping weed out the bad, so why not a small reward for your effort? I' not saying the reward should be something huge, like lifetime diamond, but I was thinking, that if you send in 50 valid reports that help lead to a kick/ban, you could possibly got a reward. The rewards could be, but not limited to.. (Feel free to suggest)

    1. One free month of Iron supporter
    2. A few rupees.

    As sending in 50 reports that are valid is not the easiest thing to do, the people who do do it should be rewarded in some way.

    (And yes, the sense that you helped EMC is a reward, but don't suggest it. :p)
  2. This is a good idea but people should help EMC anyway, with or without rewards.
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  3. Problem: reports go in the players history, not to a kick/ban
  4. WHEN A REPORT IF FILED, it goes to the mods. Depending on if it is valid, it can result in a kick/ban.
  5. i don't really wanna harass the moderators, but i think it would be good to find a way to deal with continuous troublemakers. Sometimes it's difficult and time consuming to prove what is going on, but maybe once a player gets a large amount of reports from multiple trusted players, or server supporters, in a short period of time, they get a temp ban or get muted (cant use chat) for a while, depending on offense. I don't know the options are for mods, but it would be great to have an automated system in place to deal with things when mods are not around. I know there are code scripts that detect profanity and prohibited phrases that may (or may not) work with server side program. I guess I would vote for another mod or two to be added to the Empire, especially to monitor server 9. Green Mystery commented on how much stupidity was on display just last night on 9. And i totally agree. I'm sure the mods who volunteer their time have better things to do than to listen to whining every time a player on a different server uses caps. And they need game time just like the rest of us. I know the fun factor for mods who get interrupted every few minutes to deal with immature BS is an issue too. Thats why I think it would be great to find an automated script that works with server side program. Anybody up for a programming project?
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