Idea for choosing new Staff(Please read everyone)

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Yes or no?

Yes! 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Nah 8 vote(s) 72.7%
  1. I think everytime we need a new mod, justinguy should put up a pole of 3 or more users, and let US vote on who gets to be the next mod, of course justin can still elect his own mods without us, but I think it'd be a fun addition to the forums, and a tad rivalry during the campaign. also, the voters would most likly vote from there experiance of knolege of the user, such as "hey, he helped me a couple times!" or "hey his shops cheap" or "hm.. he/shes like always on, they'd be a good mod!" please comment if you agree or disagree
  2. the issue with that is the voting criteria, like his shops are cheap. Cheap shops is awesome, we all enjoy it, but, what does that attribute do to contribute to the proper leadership skills to be a moderator? Relying on the choice of a group of people, who are "younger" i might add, who do not realize the impact the position might actually have is not wise... (point given... democracy =P)

    The current senior staff members review applications for new staff.. they know what it takes to be a moderator, the commitment, the maturity. So the decision is best to be left to them.

    You can always run into the problem of "i will vote for that guy cuz we be sooper tight and stoof, he will let me do all things i want to do with no consequences"

    And once that type of corruption enters a system like this... you get quite an anarchy.
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  3. well justinguy would pick who would be on the vallet, and I'm 100% sure he wouldnt add anyone who he didnt think would be inable to complete there job.
  4. the last time they added mods there was quite a large group added. it so far doesnt seem to just be one person at a time.
    not saying it doesnt or will not happen.

    the idea is a good one, but does not seem to trump the already efficient application system jeremy and justin use.
  5. True, but I've seen this method used in other games forums, and it works just aswell,a fun, easyer way to pick a mod, when of course, we are overflowing with normal players, Ive only seen a mod on 3 times this week lol and I play from (GMT -6:00) 5:00pm-12:00am :p
  6. what server do you play on? because i see them all the time.

    I joke around with justin all the time (being a couple of times a week =P)

    and see jeremy quite often.

    And then the moderators are just always there.

    yeah there are times when none are on.

    However if there are ever any issues, its to easy to pm your local moderator, so they can handle the situation when they return.
  7. Im assuming those put up to vote are those that Justinguy and Jeremy already think would be suitable mods? in that case this voting system wouldn't be too bad. Moderators not only need to be mature ect. but have some likability among the people they would be looking after.
    So, for example, if you ismooch was up on the poll against Audifan. Both of you may be equally suited for the mod role. But if ( this is all hypothetical remember) Ismooch was a more interactive person who made the time to talk to every member they could ect. then they would obviously be more suited as they have that likability factor.

    Of course, coruption could come in here but every democracy has some small corruption in it. Maybe a bit lenient towards certain players ect. I am glad to say however i haven't came across this yet on the Empire.
  8. While I appreciate all the support to wanting to help choose new mods, this is a system we need to keep how it is. There are infinite reasons why it has to be this way that would take to long to explain, but it boils down to experience with knowing how this works. To this date, there has been absolutely no legitimate complaints when it comes to the moderators we have on staff. Go to almost any community out there, and you're bound to find some.

    There's also one more thing I MUST stress. There are people that are clearly TRYING to be moderators and while the help is appreciated I ask that nobody take offense if they aren't chosen as a moderator. I know from the opposite end, this won't make much sense, but those who are in fact doing good for the purpose of being a moderator, instead of just doing it by habit, are a good thing, but generally help the Empire more by remaining a regular member, similar reason to the chat mods (hidden) being how they are.

    tl:dr - Trust us. We know what we're doing. :)
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  9. yeah I see what your saying, and I'd LOVE to be a mod, but im not 100% anymore if I'd be exactly the right pick for a Moderator in the server, maybe the forums, but yall have the forums pretty well taken care of, so I guess I'll just follow your advice and continue practising to make helping people a hobbit.:)P see what i did there?) sides, either way, the empire's still a ton of fun and I still have goals :D