Idea for a contest

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bonesabre, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. If I wanted to make a contest, for say, the best (or fastest) cobblestone or smooth stone generators, where would I post that? Would it be here in community discussion, or maybe in community creations? Or somewhere else? Or would that kind of contest even be allowed? And if so, what kind of info would I have to provide? I know I'd have to provide rules, but what else? I was thinking, also there would be size guidelines/restrictions.

    Any ideas and suggestions would be welcome. That is, if I'd be allowed to host a competition like this.
  2. The idea is cool but I could just google "Best Minecraft Stone Generator".
  3. You could do that. And you could build it too if you wanted. But if there was a size restriction, then you'd have to get it to fit into a certain area. Which would leave some of the really large, really fast ones out of the competition. Idk, I haven't really thought of all the loopholes in something like this. Which is why I only posted it as an idea so far.