[IDEA] Egging at spawn.

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  1. So we all know that chickens at spawn are a huge problem, so why doesnt everyone get perms to egg the chickens at spawn and on the roads, then it would be a lot better and everyone would get free chickens.
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  2. I kinda like this idea
  3. I think this idea already has asked, but I am not sure, so:

    I love this idea!
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  4. You don't KINDA LIKE this idea.
    You LOVE this idea.
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  5. Do YOU like it?
  6. 1 problem: currently eggifying animals uses the build flag. You cant really give build out for spawn/paths...
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  7. Justin could make an animal permission :3
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  8. Well that would be fixed by adding a egging flag, or you could add a flag that prevents people from throwing chicken eggs.
  9. make a eggify flag?
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  10. I would like the eggify flag, however there's a more effective solution for this:
    Unblock the "animals" flag (it already exists) and turn animals off at spawn and on roads. That way, the lag problem wouldn't even be created in the first place and the lag wouldn't exist in the first place. :)
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  11. Wait theres an animals flag? Does that mean it insta kills all animals? Animal cruelty!
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  12. It exists, just we don't have permission to use it.
  13. How about. STOP EGGING SPAWN!

  14. How about- the chickens will spawn naturally too. :p
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  15. Support.

    OR maybe some sort of way of De-spawning/Auto-death

    De-Spawning after certain amount of time/Not being able to go to the road/Dying when touch of road.
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  16. Easy XP in town
    1. Eggyfy
    2. Kill
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  17. With the sheer number of animals in town, they no longer naturally spawn.
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  18. heh, food for thought
  19. Anyone else lagging because of all the .gifs in the signatures?
  20. Nope, and im on my phone!