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  1. On my server (I will not post IP, so it does not count as advertising), there is a rank that appears normal, but actually has permissions like an admin. This way griefers in the wild will not go unnoticed. The dummies can report to admins, and kick/ban the trolls
  2. Senior Staff and Admins can turn invisible, which kinda accomplishes the same thing. :)
  3. Grieifing isn't a major problem on EMC - definitely not more than your average amount of griefing expected on any Minecraft server.

    In most cases, they're caught almost straight away because our staff members have a variety of tools at their disposal to catch griefers, hackers and x-rayers. Plus admins and snr. staff have the ability to vanish so it's easy to catch griefers.

    Right now, we don't need to give out permissions to "normal members" so that they can vanish as griefers are fairly easy to catch. :)

    Not to mention that only a select few are given moderator ranks and this is - among other things - because they're trustworthy. Who's to say that these dummies wouldn't abuse their powers and grief/pvp instead?
  4. But dummy's names are the same color; they appear regular. Being a troll to bad servers (BAD servers, EMC is amazing), I know that trolls will not even grief is Admins are online, but the troll will not know if a dummy is on. Sorry, I posted this too late it is in response to JackBiggin.
  5. If an admin is invisible, they appear to be offline. :)
  6. [/quote]
  7. I see what you are saying. But this is kind of like moderators alts, they are secret.
  8. Stop releasing all of the staff secrets :D haha

    You need to say it more like Alexchance.... "a variety of tools at our disposal" or "a number of methods to track, observe and catch evildoers."
  9. Oh yes, vanish is EMC's best kept secret. :p
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  10. You have a server, /v makes you vanish and no one can see your IG person or you in the list of players
  11. Well, most people have never seen it. :D ha. ha. ha.

    It's a secret on the 14th page of help - no one makes it that far...too boring.
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  12. I think by definition people can't "see" /vanish :D (or was that the point? I just woke up. My brain is still turning on for the day, so I'm not thinking at 100% yet)
  13. The admins have already tried this. Before I was a moderator, I was what was known as a chatmod. I had the abilities that all mods had, but I appeared as a normal player. Others chatmods abused this power, and it was confusing to who was a mod and who wasn't, so the position was eliminated. At that time, they promoted me to moderator. I recently stepped down.
  14. But I discovered its existence and command options when I made 1 typo...
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