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Do you think this is good?

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  1. Hello, I'm crabcakes200m and I have this idea that I just want to tell people because I think it would be great to add to EMC. Usually, if you have a shop and have a donators door, you have to look the room with doors which you have to put access signs over. My idea is that you can be able to put a symbol before the last line on the sign of the item your selling so that it allows people with the donator flag who payed you before to buy the item. To clarify it would look like this:

    How much buy/sell
    (Symbol) item name

    Also you would give the flag called donator( or something else) to the people who payed you in advance

    This would make it a lot easier for people who want to have a donators shop with there regular shop. Thanks
  2. Wait what?
    I'm confused......

    You want to ad another sign thing.....so people can pay for something and then go pick it up?
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  3. No, so it allows some people(donators to your shop) to buy things and so that others cant. Sorry I'm confusing
  4. Oh, like preferred chest shops only for those considered donators.
    Where's dat bear? :cool:
  5. Bump, I think this would be cool, but I have no clue I it even would work