[Idea/Discussion] Additional Context Based Sanctions

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  1. I'm posting this as a discussion thread instead of just a suggestion one for a few reasons. Firstly, I think it'll end far better in terms of NO ARGUMENTS and BEING POLITE. Secondly, I'm honestly not sure what I think of the idea. I mean I think I like it, just I'm not completely sure.

    So, we all know that EMC has three main punishments: kicks, tempbans and appealable permaban with purge (I've worded it like that for a reason - some servers have unappealable permabans for some things). The first two of these punishments are temporary, and so can the latter.

    After your punishment expires, provided you didn't get a purge, there is little to no impact on your account. My idea/suggestion/discussion is about the possibility of changing that. The best way I can think of explaining my idea is to give two examples, then let people make their own mind up.

    Example 1: IcecreamCow is kicked for repeated all CAPS, meaning he can immediately reconnect. With my idea implemented, he'd also receive a 5 minute automated chat mute starting from his first connection time after being kicked, and only counting time connected.

    Kicks for chat related offences are great and all, and on occasions do work, but wih just a little bit of a higher sanction, they could work even better.

    Example 2: Maxarias scams Aikar, and is permabanned. She successfully appeals her ban, and is purged. As she was banned for scamming, the following restrictions would be put on her account for 14 days, starting on the first reconnect after the purge:
    -The ability to pay rupees would be disabled
    -The ability to use chestshop would be disabled
    -The ability to throw or picked up player dropped items would be disabled
    -The ability to create access signs would be disabled
    -The ability to give people permissions would be disabled
    -The ability to build on other's reses, or interact with them in any other way, even with permissions would be disabled

    All of the above as designed to make it next to impossible to scam again during the 14 day restriction period. Hopefully, after 14 days of playing legitly, they'd be more likely to not reoffend.

    All the above sanctions are purely examples, and in reality would have to be tweaked a fair bit. Other 'crimes' would also be included in the system.

    So, what does everyone think about this?
  2. i find it a good idea.
  3. I think Example one is fair. But for example two. What if you accidentally drop something on the ground. Then you can't get it back.
  4. It mentions the ability to drop items would also be disabled.
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  5. I like love this idea! Although a 10 to 15 minute mute would suffice =P
  6. The second ability is far too unfair IMO, if they have already have had everything reset after the ban, why have all those abilities taken away?
    They may as well still be banned.
  7. It's a contextual sanction, and that particular one would only be applied if the person was banned for scamming, as its designed to prevent that.

    Maybe 7 days would be fairer though.

    Say the person was banned for flyhax and successfully appealed. They'd receive none of those sanctions, as they're not related to flying.
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  8. I don't that matters, if they have had everything reset, that is their punishment and should end as such.
    How are they going to put themselves back into the community as a rule-abiding member with all these restrictions on them?
  9. Fair enough. Although I was listing all the possible punishments for that one - maybe I didn't make that clear.

    Using the system with smaller numbers for temp bans would still work though IMO.
  10. Call this example 2B - looking back, example 2 could be (slightly) mean:

    MileHi is banned for flyhax, and is an active diamond supporter. He is purged, but the ability for him to fly in Utopia town is permanently removed.

    And a 3rd one wouldn't kill anyone:
    JustinGuy is temp banned for 10 days for minor grieving. After being unbanned, he is unable to build on anyone else's res (even with permissions), and all block placement and destroys would be logged (if feasible) for 3 days, starting on his first connection after the ban expired.
  11. 2B is fair enough, seeing as the person was stupid enough to do it in the first place (nobody uses hack clients on purpose)

    And the third one, if permanent would be a no for me, for the reason I said before.

    Overall though, I guess I don't like this whole idea of punishment after punishment.
  12. It wasn't supposed to be permanent, just something like 3 days. I just forgot to put in a timeframe >.<
  13. I like the icc thing! Players banned for caps should be muted temporarily. Thanks jack! Great Suggestion!
  14. Interesting ideas. This would probably have more effect. And also, maybe if someone has abused the report system after a kick or temp ban any reports made about them could result in a harsher punishment?
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  15. You mean reporting staff?
  16. Also fake reports.
  17. Not exactly, just unfair reports or unneeded reports.
    Such as;
    /report JackBiggin I don't like hamsters
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  18. Well I think that is like a 1 day ban. I like the idea of harsher punishment.

    I'd Also suggest that someone can't have more than x amount of reports. If that person is over that amount that would result in a perma ban
  19. The problem with that is some of those would have been for minor offences. The staff don't like putting limits on things like that. They use their common sense.
  20. What I meant was bans for 1 day or more, not kicks or 5 minutes bans.
    If this is implemented the server Would be more like real life in which your crime history counts