[IDEA] Different RTS Mechanics

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  1. I'm pretty sure that most shop owners get annoyed by how the current tpsigns work.
    What I'm talking about is how when you teleport, you maintain the same direction. My suggestion is maybe to add something like instead of typing 'teleport', you could type 'teleport+' so that your player doesn't keep the same direction that you were facing at the time, but teleports facing the direction which the person who set the tpsign was facing.
    Is anybody else bugged by this? Please post below.
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  2. yer it happens all the time to me
    when i teleport or get annoyed when others teleport
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  3. I have suggested this
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  4. I think it was suggested that this be fixed before.. Must be on the to-do list. Also, after a few TP's with the pressure plate I begin to face the right way. This is for me anyway :)
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