Idea Contest "Win 64 Diamonds"

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  1. Hello, I am hosting an Idea contest that you can win 64 Diamonds or more depending on quality of winning Idea/Project. This is how it will work You will summit an idea and add your res # and server. The Idea that you submitted will need to be made on your Res. 3 unknown judges will come to your res and view the Project/idea that you made and summited. you will have two weeks to summit and make these projects/ideas and then the following week the anonymous judges will inspect your idea/project.

    10 rupees for entry fee

    Feb 26 - Mar 3 Week 1= Submit Ideas
    Mar 4 - Mar 10 Week 2= Make Ideas
    Mar 11 - Mar 17 Week 3= Ideas get judged
    Mar 19 Winner Announced

    We will extend the Submission Time due to shutdown and other related events

    Remember You Can win more than 2 (64) stacks of Diamond (Spoiler Alert)