[IDEA]Bring back the wasteland.

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  1. So I have been reading tons of old forums posts and discovered a magical place called the wasteland wheres there's no live map and only hardcore EMC'ers go to live. Well to put in perspective it's like the wild with no live map so it's like legit Minecraft with Eggification. So I think you should bring back the wasteland for this reason, a challenge right now with the current wild you can use the live map to make traveling easier and you can teleport your items back and forth from wild to town (little trick I know). So EMC what do you think?
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  2. Wait, what?
  3. I don't think that it is a bad idea and one of the ideas being reposed and hopefully being launched is called Dystopia. It includes most of the things that you included and is basically a reverse Utopia. I hope that it will soon be implemented and I think that it would bring new challenge to EMC along with the Dragon Update.
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  4. I think, as Biscuitboy said, that the idea of Dystopia is on Aikar's to do list, though i might be mistaken. Search the forums for more info =D
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  5. Everybody always gets ahead of me on what I was going to say >.>
  6. the wasteland had a live map. It was just like the wild, except almost no griefing whatsoever.
  7. I remember the wasteland. I never went there, it scared me poopless, just because of the name...
  8. You're the same age as me, and you swear?...
    Wow, I guess there are kids who think they're big but they're not on EMC...
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  9. It doesn't mean they think they're "big boys"(Sometimes) as some are raised in places where there's no such principle.
  10. Throw everything into an enderchest, jump into lava. Bam. All your items are with you.
  11. Well the deal was it was the reverse of this.

    The wild was the "wasteland" that had no live map, but the wasteland had the livemap and was reset more often.

    However to me those terms are confusing, as the world that doesn't reset should be the wasteland haha...

    Anyways.. With the wild updates we will be forced to look into a proper solution like this to keep 1 wild from resetting ever in the future.

    So its very possible the "wasteland" will return, but who knows if it'll have that name?
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  12. *Finds thesaurus*

    *Sees wither*

  13. We need some hardcore in EMC. I like hardcore.
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  14. The wild came into existence after the 1.8 update, as a test world for all of the stuff new in 1.8. The original Wasteland was actually what the wild is today, minus all of the griefing and wreckage. I really do hope this changes, if not the name, back to what the true Wasteland was, a vanilla, safer world. (it was safer as there was a town right outside spawn protection, which was awesome :))
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  15. I've heard great things about the wastelands. Never have I heard something bad about it. I'd like a challenge. Living in the wild is too easy when you never get griefed, you can lock your chests, you've been killing mobs for 3 years.

    What I would like to see is a forever night-time world, no chest or griefing protection, the only way to survive is to band up with other players, in a large biome world.
  16. Can we have pyroland or minimoose land or gir land or invader zim land as well?