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  1. Disclaimer:
    This is an idea for Minecraft, not EMC. I know EMC can't ever add this; I just want to see what the Empire Minecraft community thinks of it.

    I thought this up a while ago and want EMC's opinion on it. Minecraft 1.9 is the 'Combat Update', and with the introduction of new melee weapon mechanics I think it'd be nice to give bows some love. It's a possibility Mojang has something in store for them in future snapshots, though.

    I've only done a little bit of archery in my life, so please forgive me if I mess up some facts/terminology. Please let me know if I do make a mistake.

    Bows need some variations. Bows only have one type: normal. I'm not talking about different tiers, where one is distinctly better than another, but have three versions, based on draw weight. There'd be three variations: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

    Light Bows would do less damage, but also have less of a draw time, which means they can be shot much faster than any other variant. The arrows would fly somewhat slower than the current ones. Light bows would do the most damage per second.

    Medium Bows are a nice balance between other bow variants, and are similar to what the current bow is like. They have average draw time and damage.

    Heavy Bows would do the most damage of any type, but also have a long draw time. The arrows would fly very fast. Heavy bows would do the least damage per second.

    The effectiveness of tipped arrows would depend on the type of bow used. Using a bow with more damage would put an effect on players for a longer time. Light bows would nerf the length of the effect, and heavy bows would apply the effect for the normal amount of time.

    Prevent bow spamming by adding a cooldown to bows. Similar to how swords have a cooldown, archers will have to nock an arrow before they can fire again. This will only take a second or so, and would be applied as soon as the bow is fired, not when the bow is drawn. Basically: Fire bow, nock arrow, wait to draw bow (draw speed dependent on type of bow used), fire bow, repeat.


    So that's what I have off the top of my head. I want to know what changes, if any, you want to see from bows in 1.9. And, of course, let me know what you think of my ideas. Thanks!

  2. I especially love the change to bow spamming. I honestly get so disturbed when people bow spam its horrible.
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  3. For the bows damage per second, I am confused.
    Would the Heavy bow do the most damage per hit. but be less per second due to the draw time?
    And would the light bow do the least per hit, but higher d/sec because it shoots faster than the others?

    Anyways, I agree with these.
    They would be pretty good, and they would help with the PVP aspect of archery.
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  4. That's correct - well, it's what I had in mind.
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  5. Sounds pretty good.

    (One thing I don't about 1.9 is the sword cooldown, though.)
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  6. As someone who loves fighting with a bow and arrow, I give this a heartful thumbs up. Don't know if it'll ever find it's way back to Mojang, but it would be nice to have options with a bow. Can't evolve the melee game (shields n stuff) without also adding something into the long range game.
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  7. I like this idea actually, and the cooldowns sound good too. It won't stop people from trying to annoy you with them, but at least it won't be as spammy! :p
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  8. I don't think that EMC really needs anything more to take it away from basic vanilla function.
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  9. Emc isnt based on pvp. Either way, 1.9 will bring changes to bows.
  10. Penguin mentioned in the second line down that this is an idea for MC, not for EMC specifically :)
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  11. Whoops well didnt read fully. Mabey create renforced bows, or the system you said.
  12. bow spamming is a real thing like in real life if someone gets too close to you that is what you would do, it is alot harder to bowspam from a distance. what yall are complaining about is that you are charging them with a sword (which unless its a marlix bow will do more damage) and they shoot you enough times to knock you away. with shields its going to reduce knockback so bowspamming will already be nerfed this will just make bows useless as close combat weapons.

    you see^ bowspam is a real thing
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  13. Haha, nice try, I know that's actually Green Arrow without the costume on. You can't fool me.
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  14. oh XD