Iceraider's Grinder Finder Service

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  1. Iceraider14's Grinder Finder Service
    If you need a spawner to find, than THIS is your chance!

    Post an order and I will look and find for you!

    Post the orders like this:
    - What kind of spawner do you like? (Doubles will take longer to find)
    - What server do you prefer?
    - IGN

    Orders list:

    Price list:

    1 Zombie: 3k
    2 Zombie: 5k
    1 Skeleton: 4k
    2 Skeleton: 7k
    1Spider: 2k
    2 Spider: 3.5k
    1 Cave spider: 1.5k
    2 Cave spider: 2.5k

    1 blaze: 8k
    2 blaze 20k

    1 Zombie 1 Skeleton: 6k
    1 Zombie 1 Spider: 5k
    1 Zombie 1 Cave spider: 4k
    1 Skeleton 1 Spider: 5.5k
    1 Skeleton 1 Cave spider: 5k
    1 Spider 1 Cave spider: 3.5k

    NOTE: I will not make a grinder out of it, I will put torches up to light it, so you can make a grinder out of it, and I will NOT loot the chests.

    Other combinations just ask for the price, I will say if I will do it or not, TRIPLE spawners will take a while to be found, so don't expect your order to be ready very soon.

    Have some other stuff to say or to let me do that (Has to be with spawners though :p) just post it!
  2. How much for just a cave spider spawner? (I'm just wondering)
  3. tobad ur not supporter i want a dual blaze at utopia
    but smp1 will do if i can get there safe and it far is from the spawn
  4. inspired by mark's thread that was bumped, im guessing?
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  5. Oh, sorry, must've missed that...
  6. Alright I will search for one it may take some time
  7. Would you like one ?
  8. Why does a second spawner cost higher than twice as much :/
  9. Dual Blaze grinders are much harder to find. And the nether is much more dangerous
    If thats what you mean.
  10. I may be interested in a dual skeleton spawned on smp5. Let me know when u find one
  11. Yup
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  12. Alright
  13. I may be interested in a dual zombie on smp9 about 5k blocks from spawn.

    Also, how do you find them?
  14. An easy way is to download the world and search :p
  15. That easy huh...
  16. You can download Empire minecraft's world!? How!?
  17. also to make a quick buck
  18. You have my permission. ;) I didn't have the time for it, good thing someone took this over. :D