Iceraider14, becsim1's and kgbsmoker3663 are building new shop!!!!

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Should we build more of these great creations?

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YES 4 vote(s) 57.1%
No ;( 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Hi guys I will post a Video of the shop soon when I am on my computer so yea I hope you guys like to design work that has gone in to it built most of it in 4 days :p
  2. Wut?
  3. yep :p :D it will be a well known shop but ur shop still will have some customers :p ;)
  4. You lost me at "Hi". . . .
  5. hmm... I think Alex will rule the world for all of time. Until I can be screwed to make a shop and stock it... :p
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