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  1. That's right folks, IcecreamCow has a religion :p
    Hairyeagle from SMP9 has begun the religion IcecreamCowology.
    You heard it from me first, folks :p
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  2. Does that mean there's also Maxarism and Aikarology?
  3. It's just a matter of time O_O
  4. Do we have to worship Icecreamcow as our god if we are apart of this new religion?
  5. Yes, and if you want his sacred head, a relic of this semi-not-so-ancient-not-so-real church head over to Utopia. I'm selling it for 30k at my res 5269
  6. Yes. I am now IceCreamCow. Bow down to your leader! 2013-11-03_22.05.52.png 2013-11-03_22.10.50.png