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  1. In my res, I (try) to have a sugarcane farm. the problem with this is, the water keeps freezing. you can see for proof at /v 1718 and stand on the Goto farm pad. Look inside either the (empty now) sugarcane farm or my wheat farm. it doesn't affect my well though, i dont know why..
  2. might not be able to reply atm, hunger games server is up so im on that
  3. Use torches over the water to stop it from freezing.
  4. tried that, left with this.
  5. how do you access your minecraft photos again? or do you use fraps?
  6. Your in an ice biome. You'll have to keep the light level high enough to keep it from freezing, either that or cover it up (don't let it be open to the sun)
  7. press the windows logo + r, then type in run %appdata%, then click on .minecraft then screenshots.
  8. so is that why my well hasn't frozen? okay, i'll try that
  9. <- is this good enough?
  10. That should do it.
  11. what is the hunger games server?
  12. To get rid of the ice place a block above it and then break the ice and then it shoulndt freeze again whilst the block is above it.
  13. the hunger games server is explodingtnt's