Ice Problem

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  1. All the water on my res keeps turning into ice. Is there anything i can do to stop it? It keeps messing up my farm.
  2. Move to a different res with a different biome?
  3. ^The only (current) solution
  4. Ok, thanks
  5. or put torches next to the ice to melt it.
  6. I'm not sure what service they're offering now, but Snr Staff might be able to change the biome for you.
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  7. It's been mentioned, but sometimes only they've discussed it and aren't offering the service.
  8. they offer the service to change your res type - i believe they normally ask for around 10k per biome change though

    just message bigdavie, shaun, maxarias, or icc to change it for you. (perhaps to plain biome)


    or on a personal level, you could always put non-transparent block above the water, or put a torch near the water, or put glowstone under the water, they will all prevent the water from freezing.
  9. Cover the absolute top of your res with glass blocks. Takes a bit of time, but it is the cheapest method.
  10. Yeah I put slabs all on my water on my farm. To prevent water to freeze
  11. You could try glowstone?
  12. I just moved to a different res since i just started, thanks for all the suggestions.