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  1. Recently on smp4 there has been a small wild town pop up in the middle of a snow biome. To commemorate it I built a house there and a little sign out of Ice. It took several hours, but it is done. I am proud of it; and hope it lasts awhile.

    here is a screenshot. (I am actually standing on my house, you won't be able to see it)

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  2. Don't wanna be rude or anything, but EMC would make much more sense and take you less time! :D
  3. That is your opinion and I respect that- I completely agree with you :p it would have been a lot easier.

    Go big or Go home
  4. Very nice man, did you have do block block, asking this cause I might make one like this but it saying "Last Light Outpost " :)
  5. omg i want to know what the last light outpost is anyway i mean i hear about it all the time.. ?
  6. From whom and what are things they say about LLO just wondering :) we site up can't remember the link at the moment but go to google and type in Last Light Outpost and should be top choice.