iCD Inc || Promo Shop @ 1148

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  1. New promo shop at 1148, stocked and ready for business!

    Come on SMP1 /v 1148 to have a great promo shopping experience :)
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  2. I rate this 11/10.
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  3. Eleven-teen forty-eight! Hey! I'm like hey this is a shop, and it's pretty good I plan on using it a lot! I just wanna buy, hope it keeps up with it's stock! Hope it doesn't cause inflation, that sure would suck a lot! {To the tune of Trap Queen}

    (I apologize for this)
  4. I can't express how much I love this.
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  5. I'll sell you the rights to it for your theme song ;)
  6. I'll come by later on today :)
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  7. I might buy something, if I have enough ruppes. ;)
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  8. I went to check out and it looks great! :)
    I might buy something in the future ;)
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