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  1. IcC is following me. I am happy. This is all :)
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  2. I have his ghost following me :D GKJ!
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  3. He followed me too!!!
    And he followed my other friend too before me!!!!!!
    And now my other other friend got IcC following him too!!!!!!!!!

    ICC loves EMC
    EMC loves ICC
    We are all one big family
    It's a song which I changed the lyrics too :3
  4. Welcome to the club. We serve fried chickeneer chicken on fridays.
  5. Why have I never been invited to this chickeneer chicken Friday fry?
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  6. Because I just created it!
  7. Am I invited? xD
  8. Congrats, But you don't really need to make a thread on this.
  9. Followed me to. :D
  10. Unfortunately its not that big... He followed hundreds of people I think all of a sudden.
  11. Sounds like fun, I wonder if I can come
  12. Of course you can! there is only one requirement you must take a shower in brine and seasoning, then dry off with garlic salt. :D
  13. When is he gonna follow me? :p