ICC Wild Death Event

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  1. It's time.





    8:30 PM Central Time.

    This event is made for those not weak of heart.
    Bring only what you don't care to lose.
    Good drops could be won.
    However, lots of dies can happen. You may be part of lots of dies. Prepare to DIES!

    More info on where to meet as we get closer to the time.
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  2. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
    I'm going
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  3. Sounds great, but I am off to bed now :p Enjoy yourselves guys!
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  4. In half an hour, right?
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  5. Cool 30min?
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  6. about 25 minutes
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  7. Any special items being given out? oh and... Thanks for the event!!!
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  8. Wastelands West. Be here! :D
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  9. You guys should take #WatchMeDie #Selfie Pics. :p
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  10. An IcC event is the one day where everyone is emo. YAY FOR DEATH!!!!!

    You forgot to include what food you ate to help this happen, though.
  11. It's full D:
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  12. Curses I can't get on today ): . If only it was yesterday…
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  13. Manged to score two Vault Vouchers and a Dragon Poop! Thanks for the event!
  14. Who has the Flaming Polar Bear Shooter bow?
  15. How much is dragon Poop worth?
    if sellable
  16. It is worth around 20-25k I believe...
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  17. Dangggg it.. Baddd Cow, you made meh miss it D:
  18. Thank you IceCreamCow the event was awesome and probably the hardest I've taken part in so far.